Illustration of the New Central Library: Mir

Extended in courtesy by Calgary Municipal Land Corporation

Building Potential

''Our modest income household struggled financially. To raise four kids we went without a lot. Yet at the public library we felt wealthy. I taught (my children) to read but the library showed them what could be read...The fact that they are today a national magazine editor, two lawyers and a doctor is partly due to you. You felt like family. Public libraries change the future.''
- Bev Jaremko

Building Community

''We were new to the city and did not know Canadian culture very well...Many times we thought of moving back to China because we felt lost and out of touch with our country. (Our friends) showed us the nearest public library to our home... we were impressed with the multicultural services and the many different sources that helped us get in touch with the community.''
- Katherine Poon

Building Quality of Life

''I have schizophrenia. Consequently I am on AISH. That means I live on a very meager income. The internet access at the library has allowed me to keep in touch with distant friends and relatives. I also borrow CDs from the library because I can't afford a large CD collection. Because of all this, the library is a huge blessing to me.''
- Glen Moore