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For more than 100 years, the Calgary Public Library has been instrumental in helping shape the Calgary of today. Whether you use a community library to borrow books and digital materials, join us for programming, or use one of the many meeting spaces, you know how the Library changes lives and opens the doors to opportunity.


You will be investing in the potential of all Calgarians—and the future of our great city. You can give a single gift, monthly donation or become an Annie Davidson member with an annual gift of $500 or more.


Our Way of Saying Thanks

As a token of our appreciation, you’ll also get something in return; a credit which can be redeemed for merchandise at www.librarystore.ca or put towards your late fees. It’s our way of saying thanks. You can Become a Friend today for as little as $12 annually.


See below for some options of how you can use your Friends credit!


Credit cannot be used to make a donation. Income tax receipts are issued for donations of $10 or more, or upon request.



credit with a $500 annual gift



credit with a $60 annual gift



credit with a $250 annual gift



credit with a $30 annual gift



credit with a $120 annual gift


our thanks with a $12 annual gift


Unique Gift Opportunities


The Calgary Public Library Foundation would be delighted to meet with you to discuss how you can make a unique and meaningful contribution to the Library. We will work with you to determine a gift that best aligns with you or your company’s values, standards and needs. Your support will make a difference.

For more information please contact,

CHRISTINE GINGERICK, Director, Donor Relations
P 403.260.2675
E christine@addin.ca

Single Gift

Show your support for the Library with a charitable donation that will provide stable community funding to ensure the Library continues to expand its resources, extend into the community and meets the needs of everyone in our city.


Calgary continues to grow—and grow smarter—because the Calgary Public Library remains an integral part of the city’s development. Your investment will allow Calgarians to reach a potential as limitless as the city’s own. Income tax receipts are issued for donations of $10 or more, or upon request.


Monthly Donation

Individuals who show their love for the Library with monthly giving are very special to the Library Foundation—they provide reliable long term support for library services and spreads support throughout the year.


The Calgary Public Library does more than promote and strength literacy—it inspires a love of reading a quest for knowledge that stays with people throughout their lives. Help plant the seeds of knowledge and opportunity for all Calgarians. Become a monthly donor today. Monthly gift donors will receive one tax receipt at year-end. Contributions can be changed or cancelled at any time by contacting the Foundation.

Become a Monthly Donor today!

Annual $500+

More than a century ago, Annie Davidson and founding members of the Calgary Womens Literary Club stirred our city to action and secured the public and financial support to build the first library. They saw the Library cause as an investment for their families and the generations of Calgarians that would follow.


100 years later, it is our priviledge to ask you to stand with us in support of our Library. In a busy world, todays library is the communitys living room, where children are nurtured to learn to read, newcomers to Canada are welcomed, and the direction of a life can be positively changed through the services and support provided by Library
staff. Your donation can and will make a difference in helping to build our library and community.


If you have further questions or would like to become a part of the Society, please contact:


CHRISTINE GINGERICK, Donor Relations Manager
E christine@addin.ca

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