BIBLIO Library Family

“The Library is access, opportunity, and connections. By protecting and defending its mission, I believe it will continue to have a positive impact on the lives of Calgarians.”


Ann Lidgren, Biblio-guardian

“People and relationships matter. I’m proud to be a library staff member, and proud of all that we are doing to enrich lives and empower the community now and in the future.”


Ellen Humphrey, Biblio-proud

“Despite all the technology available to us today, libraries still have a place in society.  More than just a welcoming home, with the Library I can travel and explore different worlds through books.”


Maureen Proctor, Biblio-traveller

“Reading books and celebrating books have been central to my life—as they are to the public library. I can’t imagine a world where books are not lovingly valued and promoted.”


Patrick Mealey, Biblio-lover

BIBLIO Library Family Campaign

Calgary Public Library staff are more than the face of the Library; you inspire and support Calgarians daily, plan and deliver innovative new programs and ensure the entire system runs smoothly. You are more than an employee—you’re an integral part of the Library Family.


To become the best public library in the world, we need to build on funding provided by the city and the province. Your support will ensure stable funding now and in the future—enhancing and protecting collections for Calgarians forever.


The BIBLIO Family Campaign is designed to offer staff, volunteers and alumni a chance to show their support for the Library. Every gift and every dollar will enhance civic and provincial funding to invest in collections across the system.


Biblio stems from the Greek word biblion, or book. It is used in the formation of compound words like biblio-phile, biblio-dreamer, or biblio-freak.


Which word describes you?

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