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Creating the Best Public Library in the World

Add In the Campaign for Calgary’s Library, is a bold and transformational initiative to invest in the potential of all Calgarians and the future of our city. The catalyst for Add In was the new Central Library, a distinctive place that reflects Calgary’s aspirations as a global city, inspires discovery, promotes learning and fosters community interaction. The goal of Add In is to secure the financial investment necessary to transform the Calgary Public Library into the best public library system in the world and create an enduring legacy for generations of Calgarians.

Guided by the strategic directions of the Calgary Public Library and extensive public input by Calgarians, Add In aims to:

  • Realize the full potential of a bold new Central Library that is the leader and hub of a progressive city-wide library system.
  • Invest strategically in libraries to accelerate their ability to respond to needs within the neighbourhoods they serve and help Calgary’s communities to thrive.
  • Develop the best public library system in the world.

The $350 million campaign builds on four strategic pillars

76% Raised

$59,500,000 goal

83% Raised

$94,000,000 goal

91% Raised

$138,500,000 goal

95% Raised

$58,000,000 goal

$337,863,506 of the $350,000,000 campaign has been raised as of February 6, 2019

Founding Partners

Add In Founding Partners are the first supporters who have stepped forward to help us achieve our ambitious goal. As leaders in our city, their support will enable individuals and our community to reach its full potential, contribute to economic and social growth within our city, impact individuals and the community in a way that can be measured in dollars and cents and leave a legacy that will last for generations.

  • Judith Umbach
  • Deirdre & Ian Harris
  • Greig & Brenda Nicholls
  • Linda & Mike Shaikh
  • Britt Simmons & Janet Harvie
  • Giuffre Family
  • Walt & Irene DeBoni
  • Conrad Whelan
  • Nexen
  • RBC
  • TD
  • Sun Life Financial
  • Calgary Foundation
  • BMO Financial Group
  • Arthur J.E. Child Foundation
  • J K L MacLachlan
  • Suncor Energy Foundation


  • City of Calgary
  • CMLC

Add Information

Information opens up a world of insight and is the bedrock of the Library. The Library promotes curiosity and lifelong learning opportunities, ensuring that the pursuit of knowledge through physical and electronic resources is within reach for all.

Highlighted Projects
  • Digital Community Library
  • Collections Endowment
  • Library Express
  • Research Chair in Self-Directed Learning
  • Homebound Readers Program

Add Inspiration

Inspiration ignites the desire to reach our full potential and the Library stokes that fire. Beginning at birth, the Library enriches lives through programs, spaces and events that contribute to learning and well-being.

Highlighted Projects
  • Early Learning Centres in all community libraries
  • Early  Childhood Learning Research Chair
  • New Central Library Theatre
  • Arts + Culture Pass
  • Library Month at Your Daycare

Add Imagination

Imagination is where dreams begin to take shape and the Library provides vital space in our communities for conversation, idea generation and discussion. The Library facilitates connections, nurturing what is possible when we collaborate, learn and play together.

Highlighted Projects
  • Three New Community Libraries
  • Community Living Rooms
  • Library Booktrucks
  • Relocating three libraries
  • Welcome to the Library

Add Innovation

Innovation builds our shared prosperity by making our greatest ideas a reality and the Library empowers individuals with access to new and emerging technology. The Library provides the toolkit that individuals and organizations need to thrive and succeed.

Highlighted Projects
  • E-Library
  • Laptop & Tablet Lending
  • Learning Commons
  • Digital Literacy
  • Startup Hub

In what will be the largest fundraising campaign for a library in Canadian history, Add In will redefine the role of a library in our rapidly-changing society. Public Libraries everywhere are becoming hubs for 21st century learning and engines for economic vitality, workforce development and an engaged and educated citizenry. In addition to building capacity for each and every community library and focusing on projects that deliver a strong impact for Library patrons, Add In will ensure the New Central Library is a place of unbridled possibility the heart of a dynamic, responsive and progressive 21st century Library system.

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