Jindu’s Story

Imagine arriving in a new country, with no family or friends and no sense of community. You would likely feel lost, isolated and certainly very alone. In 2017, Jindu, a newcomer to Canada, found himself in this exact situation. The Calgary Public Library helped Jindu find community and provided him with the resources he needed to get back on his feet.


“The Library provided a safe haven for me when I had nothing. I used the free WiFi and applied for jobs all day. I personally witnessed the value that the Library provides to the community,” he says today.


During hard times, the Library is there for you. Will you be there for the Library?


Thanks to the services, programs and collections provided by the Library, Jindu is now thriving in his new home. In fact, Jindu is a regular volunteer at the Library and donor to the Calgary Public Library Foundation. In times of economic uncertainty, the Calgary Public Library stands open and ready to help all Calgarians advance their job skills and engage with the community.


Recent budget announcements are affecting the Library. In times of need, Calgarians rely even more on the free programs and services provided. The Library received nearly 7 million visits last year. More than 740,000 active members have access to free learning resources online and in-person, making the Library the largest provider of education in the city. The Calgary Public Library is busier than it has ever been.


Jindu supports the Library today because the Library was there for him during tough times. Will you be there for the Calgary Public Library?


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