Legacy Giving

Leaving your Legacy

with the Calgary Public Library

For many Calgarians, the Library is the catalyst for a life-long love of learning.

Whether you have fond memories of signing your name to a library card for the first time as a child, used it as a resource to help make your dream career a reality, introduced your children to the Library through programs, or, contributed as a volunteer to bring books to a senior who couldn’t make it to their community library, the Library is a place for all.

Help us shape the future of the Calgary Public Library.

Once your family and loved ones are taken care of, a legacy gift—of any size—will create a lasting impact on your community without affecting your current standard of living. It can also provide tax benefits for both you and the Library.

Your gift will help ensure that Library programs and services continue to support and nurture generations of Calgarians, regardless of our city’s economic circumstances.


Legacy Brochure

For more Information please contact:
Christine Gingerick, Director, Donor Relations
P 403.260.2675
E christine@addin.ca

How will you leave your legacy?

Your legacy gift has the potential to impact generations of Calgarians. When considering a legacy gift, we encourage you to seek independent legal and/or financial planning advice.

Your gift will go to the area of greatest need at the Library—supporting in-demand programs, new technologies, or whatever is required in the future to help Calgarians reach their full potential.

A charitable bequest is a gift to the Calgary Public Library Foundation made in your will. A bequest can take the form of cash, securities, asset, donation of all, or residue of an estate (the most common and easiest to designate). Charitable receipts up to 100% of your net income can be claimed as a charitable donation in the year of death.

By naming the Calgary Public Library Foundation as the beneficiary of your RRSP or RRIF, either during your lifetime or in your will, you will support the Library and the millions of patrons who use its services annually. There are also significant tax advantages to this type of gift, as you will not pay capital gains tax, and any assets that pass directly to the beneficiary without probate will remain private and confidential.

Life insurance can be an excellent vehicle for a legacy gift, as charitable donations can be made through an existing or new life insurance policy. You can designate the Calgary Public Library Foundation as the owner and irrevocable beneficiary, or donate a policy through your will by naming the Library Foundation as the beneficiary.

Gifts of marketable stock and securities are transferable through your broker or financial advisor. Download our form for your broker or advisor. All donated securities are sold upon receipt and you will receive a tax receipt for the value of the securities donated based on the closing price on the day of receipt by our custodial agent.


You can choose to establish your own endowment fund with your gift or make a lasting investment in an endowment fund that is already established. You may also request that your legacy gift be spent within two years—a flow-through gift that will immediately benefit your Library.

Ensure that the Library will always have a strong foundation from which to purchase collections—books, magazines, DVDs, eBooks and whatever the future brings.

Support new and existing programming, special children’s collections and innovative opportunities to ensure early learning for all.

Allow the Library to create new and exciting programs to meet the needs of all Calgarians. Help us incubate new program ideas and launch them at community libraries as a test for future programming priorities.

Support the amazing volunteers who give back by helping others learn new skills, build confidence and increase their quality of life.

Ensure we are prepared for technological changes of the future and have the very best in new technology for all Calgarians to use.

Contribute to sustainability-focused programs, collections and operations that contribute to a greener Calgary.

Honouring Your Gift

As a legacy donor, you will join a special group of people who are Friends of the Library.



We will be delighted to invite you to behind-the-scenes tours that will highlight new and innovative plans for our libraries, readings where you’ll have an opportunity to hear from some of your favorite authors, and membership to our Annie Davidson Founder’s Society.



Other Recognition for Legacy Gifts may include:

  • Named spaces within the Library;
  • Named Funds or Programs;
  • A Custom Library book plaque; and,
  • Special recognition events.


You can help to write the next chapter of the Calgary Public Library with your legacy gift.


For more information on Legacy Giving, please contact:
Christine Gingerick, Director, Donor Relations
P 403.221.2002
E christine@addin.ca