Looking to go green?

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Are you looking to do you your part for the environment but aren’t quite sure where to start?

Now it’s easier than ever to reduce your carbon footprint and help green Alberta’s electricity grid.
Sandstone Energy, a Calgary based energy company, provides a simple and affordable way for its customers to shift part of their reliance on fossil fuels to renewables. As a customer of Sandstone Energy, you can choose to go green with your electricity consumption.

Don’t have a big budget for green? Just green what you can afford. It only costs $0.07 a day or $1.99 a month for a typical home (700 kWh/month) to green 15% of its electricity usage.

Plus, Sandstone Energy has committed to donating 100% of its net income earned through the sale of energy to the Calgary Public Library Foundation for the next 10 years! By switching to Sandstone Energy, you can make an investment in Alberta renewable energy projects and support the Library.

Switch, save, support and go green today.