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Windows of Opportunity

Add your name to the New Central Library

Engaging. Exciting. Alive with activity. The greatest civic project since the 1988 Olympics, the New Central Library will start a new chapter in Calgary’s history and affirm our city’s place on the world stage.


Snøhetta and DIALOG, the prime design team for the project, carefully considered how the New Central Library’s façade would redefine its identity while also acting as the public’s first significant encounter with the library.


The final iconic design was inspired by snow drifts and chinook cloud clearings. The 485 exterior panels were fabricated by Ferguson Corporation, a Calgary-based manufacturer. The panels are uniquely shaped to bring different levels of light into the building, attracting the public inside and contributing to the New Central Library’s LEED Gold status.


Our city has been eagerly anticipating the opening of the New Central Library. Now is your window of opportunity to be a part of this extraordinary civic project.

Purchase a New Central Library Window

Certificate of Appreciation

In acknowledgement of the investment you are making in the New Central Library and our city, you will receive a downloadable certificate that can be printed and framed.


Any name or group can be listed on the certificate – simply include the desired name when prompted with the “certificate name” at checkout.

Limited Edition Architectural Sketch

Individual and Generational Windows purchasers will also receive one of 1,000 Limited Edition Prints featuring a sketch of the New Central Library by Craig Dykers, lead architect and founding partner of Snøhetta.


Snøhetta is one of the world’s most sought-after architecture firms and was named the 2016 Architecture Innovator of the Year by Wall Street Journal. They place experience at the heart of their process, and have gained national recognition from projects such as the Alexandria Library in Egypt, the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, and the Ryerson University Library.


Where will my name be located on the window?

All recognition (names and/or phrases based on the character limit) will be installed on the mullion (frame) of the window. The Group windows will be located on the main floor, and the Personal and Generational Windows will be on the upper floors. Personal Windows will have the recognition piece on one side of the mullion; Generational Windows will have the recognition on two sides of the mullion.

Can I choose where my window is located?

Window selection based on floor or area of interest is only available with the purchase of a Generational Window.

Why will my name only be on the window for a limited time?

Since the windows were created off-site and are part of large panels, we cannot permanently etch or mark them. The high-quality vinyl that will be used for the names has a lifespan of ten years; Generational Windows will be replaced to ensure that they last 25 years, or for a generation.

Can I purchase Personal or Generational Windows with others?

Yes. You can have one person coordinate and purchase the window (in which case, the tax receipt will be issued in their name) or contact us at 403-221-2002 to set up a group window page.