Calgary has transformed from a simple prairie town into a burgeoning metropolis of nearly 1.2 million people. The City of Calgary serves the community, which is increasingly becoming a global economic force and a capital for culture. The City and the Library are key partners in Calgary’s exciting future.


The City of Calgary provides core funding for the Library, and is a key partner for the New Central Library. Its support and longstanding bipartisan vision of the role of libraries in civic life makes the project possible—and enables the Library to improve the lives of Calgarians.

Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC) was created by Calgary City Council in 2007 to pursue the ambitious mandate of breathing life into the Rivers District Community Revitalization Plan—a public infrastructure program approved by the City of Calgary and the Province of Alberta to kick-start Calgary’s urban renewal.


CMLC is one of three highly-engaged and committed partners collaborating to deliver a landmark New Central Library that will serve Calgarians for generations to come. As the master developer of the East Village, CMLC has years of construction and development know-how, as well as public engagement, communication and storytelling expertise.