Donate your Library to the Library

When you’re moving, making space for new books, or just downsizing your personal library, think of the Library! The Calgary Public Library Foundation accepts donations of materials at community libraries and at its office, and funds raised are invested back into the Library.


Please note that we do not add donated material to the Library collection and we do not issue tax receipts for donations.

What materials can I donate?

Books must be free of mildew, mould and dirt. They should not exhibit excessive spine damage, have missing pages, or be missing their covers. Books cannot have water damage. They should not have part of the book’s pages removed with scissors or razor blades. For media, sets must be completed and cannot be missing the original case art.

  • Children’s Books
  • College Textbooks (published in the past 10 years)
  • Foreign Language Books (in Western Script)
  • Hardcover Fiction and Nonfiction
  • Mass Market Paperbacks
  • Trade Paperbacks
  • Antiquarian, Rare and Collectible Books
  • DVDs and Blu-ray Discs (complete disc sets with original case art)
  • Books on CD (complete disc sets with original case art)
  • Video Games (complete disc sets with original case art)
What materials are not accepted?
  • Activity Books and Workbooks (i.e. coloring books)
  • Annuals and Yearbooks
  • Audio Cassettes, VHS Tapes, LP Records and Computer Software
  • Books Published by Magazines (i.e. Reader’s Digest Condensed and Time Life Books)
  • Encyclopedia
  • Case Law and Procedural Books
  • Custom Course Packets
  • Dated Reference Material (over 5 years old)
  • Directories and Telephone books
  • Journals and Periodicals
  • Microfilm and Microfiche
  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • Non-Western Script Books
  • Tax and Government Documents or Forms
  • Free copies or Advanced Reading Copies.

Please recycle these or donate to another source.

Where can I drop off my donated materials?

You can drop off 20 books or 2 large bags at a time at any Community Library.

What happens to the materials I donate?

The Library Foundation works with BetterWorld Books, an organization that collects and sells books online to fund literacy initiatives worldwide. BetterWorld Books provides an avenue for selling donated materials and has partnered with more than 2,000 libraries in North America to list books online in marketplaces like Amazon. A portion of the proceeds from the sales are returned to the Library, enabling the purchase of new and needed materials.   If you have any questions about donating books or materials, please call the Calgary Public Library Foundation at 403-221-2002.


Please note that we do not add donated material to the Library collection and we do not issue tax receipts for donations.

Donating Valuable Books to the Calgary Public Library Foundation

Tax receipts can only be issued for the donation of books of significant value. Please make these donations through the Calgary Public Library Foundation. In order for the Calgary Public Library Foundation to issue a tax receipt, please remember that:

  • The Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (Revenue Canada) requires that the item be appraised, in writing, by an independent, recognized expert.
  • The donor is responsible for arranging the appraisal of the item, and for any fees involved in that appraisal.

To arrange for your donation of a valuable book or item, please call us at 403-221-2002.

Other ways to Give

Sandstone Energy Logo

The Calgary Public Library Foundation is proud to have a partnership with Sandstone Energy, a local electricity and natural gas provider. This partnership means that 100% of the net profits earned by Sandstone Energy through the sale of electricity and natural gas are directed back into the Calgary Public Library Foundation for the next 10 years.

It is a part of life that we all pay utility bills every month, so why not have some of that money be used to support the library system in Calgary? Now you can feel good about paying your utility bills.


Why switch to Sandstone Energy?
Support the Calgary Public Library Foundation: turn a necessary expense into support for a charity you care about.
Competitive Prices: Sandstone offers competitive variable and guaranteed prices for electricity and natural gas. Why pay more for your utilities?
Never Locked In: Switch rates or cancel your plan, penalty free, by giving 10 days notice.
Local Customer Care: Sandstone is located in the heart of Inglewood in Calgary. Their friendly and local customer care team is always ready to answer your questions.
Green Energy Options: help green Alberta’s grid by choosing to offset a percentage of your electricity consumption.
Special Senior Rates: Sandstone offers discounted electricity rates for seniors aged 60 and over.

To learn more or switch providers, visit sandstoneenergy.ca

Donate your extra Aeroplan Miles to the Library through the Aeroplan member donation program. The Calgary Public Library Foundation raises funds to enhance special programs and services as part of its vision to create the best public library in the world. Also for every 1,000 miles you donate Aeroplan will top up the donation by an additional 10%.


Your generously donated miles will be used by the Library Foundation for raffles and fundraising. For more information, visit https://beyondmiles.aeroplan.com/.

Support the Library with your used vehicles through Donate A Car Canada. Your car, truck, RV, boat, motorcycle or other vehicle will be recycled or sold at auction, and proceeds will be donated to the Calgary Public Library Foundation. For more information, visit www.donatecar.ca.