The Life of a Book

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Recently, a long overdue book was returned to Bowness Library with the following note:

Dear Library Staff,

Many years ago I borrowed this book. My mom was contacted shortly after the due date had passed. We didn’t have a lot of money back then to pay the fees. 

I swore to her that I didn’t have it – but I clearly lied. (Please don’t tell her!) 

For nearly three decades now the book has been resting on my bookshelf, eyeing me with disappointment while I sleep. 

Perhaps you’ll agree that it’s never too late to right a wrongdoing. So, today I return the book to its rightful owner.

As the book concerns Greek Mythology – a subject which likely hasn’t evolved much since the book was published in the early 1980s – my hope is that its contents are still relevant and of some value to your current collection. 

I’d like to thank past employees of the Bowness branch for encouraging me to explore the world at a young age. In November 1988, the time at which I took out this book, no one could have predicted that 28 years later my discoveries would culminate in a PhD in linguistics. A brief word to current staff: Never underestimate the effect you have on your readers, even on the goofballs who don’t return their books on time!